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About OHARA Private Investigation

We are a detective agency established over 40 years ago in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
We investigate people having affairs, missing person cases, fiance’s or fiancee’s backgrounds, hidden bugging devices or cameras and also cases involving stalkers. For corporate customers, we investigate their employees to unveil their behaviors, deal with employment survey for recruitment.
We have published several books, appeared on the media, cooperated with reporters and achieved numerous results.
We present “ evidence ” no one can deny which reports could be used for lawsuits to solve your problem !

1, Our Services (Investigation )

Cheating Husbands or Wives

From a very long time ago to the present, cheating husbands and wives have existed.
Your husband or wife could perhaps have an affair with someone you never knew or may possibly know. If something is different with your partner’s behavior, like coming home late at night, reluctant to answer the phone or never replies to E-mails, stays nights over somewhere else making excuses, you have the right to know the truth.

Missing Person

We have regularly appeared on the Japanese TV show “ I Want to See you ” searching for missing persons.
There are many reasons why people go missing and they suffer from all sorts of trouble.
Some call us the “Humane Detective” because we have dedicated ourselves to finding them out.

Fiances or Fiancees

Marriage is one of the most important events in our lives. Therefore, you should know and understand your partner thoroughly before getting married, such as former relationships, behavior in daily life and financial conditions.

Hidden Bugging Devices and Cameras

The number of victims who are secretly recorded by bugging devices or taken footages by hidden cameras are increasing each year. Anyone could be the victim, not only women or companies. You could hardly recognize or ever find those devices because they are micro-sized which are barely visible to human. We recommend you to let us investigate if there are any doubts about the existence of these horrible devices.

Stalker SNS Trouble and Harassment

Social Networking Service (SNS) has spread and is expanding all over the world which is changing the variation of stalkers. It is so exceptionally difficult to cope alone with evil stalkers annoying you by continuously calling, sending e-mails and posting SNS messages time after time. Anyone could become a stalker these days, even someone you have never even seen.
People coping with such problems should consult with us. Let us help collect evidence and drive away those stalkers with you.

Corporations on Employment Survey

Employing excellent people is one of the keys to advance in the global economy.
And it is important to monitor employees to be certain they are not engaging in dishonest acts, such as disclosing confidential information or skipping work. Let us investigate your staff-to-be and cooperate with you in prospective-employee survey.

Notice !

These days, the number of international divorces is on the rise along with international marriages.
When couples consider divorcing, most of them of any nationality would seek possessing child – custody.
In these cases, child abduction by a parent is one of the most serious issues. One parent may keep the child from the other parent and return to his / her country. Because he / she would want to gain advantage in child-custody proceeding. Of course, this is a wrongful action.
There is a multilateral treaty called “ The Hague Abduction Convention ” which provides a prompt method to return abducted children to the countries they have lived in. This only applies to the participating countries and Japan concluded the agreement in 2014.
If your child has been abducted and you want to possess child-custody, we would be happy to help you.
We can capture disadvantages of your spouse in a trial such as “ having affairs ”, “ child abuse or child neglect ”.

2, Price List

Behavior Investigation on cheating spouse
75,000 yen ~
  • Basic package price
  • within 4 hours
    (extension charge not included)
  • Report + DVD + Photos
Missing person Searching
150,000 yen ~
  • Search period : 2 month unit
  • Inquiry survey, surveillance
    Using detective know how
  • Preparing search leaflets

3, Flow of Business

Please call us or contact us on the Internet! Consultation for free !
We suggest estimate the most suitable for you.
We make it in the type of PDF for free.
If you are convinced, Clients and we exchange contracts each other.
Though clients have to come and see us generally, we send contracts by E-mail, FAX or mail if you live in a far place.
We put an investigation into practice at time as you designate.
In the midst of investigation, we briefly report situations.
We make a report in 3 to 4days after investigation.
Though we guess you are busy, we appreciate if you come and see us to take a report in exchange for the rest of money.(or send you by mail)
Added Support
Please ask us anything you want to consult like how to use a report.
We can also introduce layers and counselors.
We are happy if you consult what to do based on a result of an investigation. And hope that you feel refreshed and enjoy your life !

4, FAQ

FAQ for each theme , We’ll answer your questions !

Q. Does it cost to consult ?

You can call or send E-mails to consult for free.
We can also meet you to interview for free. We clearly tell you if it is possible to investigate and suggest what to do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q. What do I need when signing a contract ?

Information like the name of the person you want to investigate, the person’s photo, what you know as much as possible. Your seal and half the fee we estimated are also needed. These three are necessary for the contract.

Q. What kind of investigations can you do ?

Generally, we accept investigations on people having affairs, people who are missing, fiance’s backgrounds, people who are suspected of stalking, and investigations for corporate customers, investigations to search for bugging devices or hidden cameras.
Furthermore, we deal with various particular investigations.

Q. Is it possible to cancel after a contract is established ?

It is. But we may collect cancellation fee(10% of estimated amount)if a couple of days has past since the date of a contract.

Q. Would you protect our private information ?

We thoroughly and completely protect your private information. We regularly implement education and training for our employees.

Q. How much does it cost to investigate a husband or wife who may be having an affair with someone ?

It costs 80,000 yen for four hours as the package price.
When we start investigating the target after work, we generally finish investigating and find evidence within four hours. (but not always the case)

Q. What would you investigate in detail to find evidence ?

We watch behaviors of your partner, their actions with mistress/manstress, investigate their address or workplace. We also acquire evidence for lawsuits.

Q. What kind of evidence is effective to demand consolation money ?

In order to be legally admitted as immorality, you need evidence people can realize or judge that there is a sexual relation. For example, photos and footages of the two targets walking into a hotel together and coming out together. Those photos and footages must be recorded with dates and times.

Q. Though I got evidence, I’m anxious about the trial. What should I do now ?

We suggest solutions depending on your request, and also introduce lawyers specialized in immorality. We will give you a hand until the end, not finishing when the investigation is over.

Q. How long does it take to find a missing person ?

I’m afraid we cannot answer the question precisely.
It depends on the situation, character of the missing person and other information clients have.
The key to finding the person is that you tell us any information including small things as much as possible.

Q. It has been a long time since he / she went missing.

From our long experience, we have gained highly effective investigation know-how which we can be proud of. Depending on the information you provide us, solutions can be found.

Q. Is it true that the police search for missing persons ?

Unfortunately, unless the case is judged being involved with a crime, the police would not search for missing person actively. If you just report the fact to the police, the possibility of police searching for them is very low, and especially if they are adults, the police will not bring them into custody.

Q. Can I be informed of situations in the midst of an investigation ?

Yes, you can. We will notify you when the target persons leave work, when they go into hotels or other situations upon request.

Q. How do you report ?

We basically submit a report including pictures with dates and time, DVD including footages recorded during the investigation and photos printed clearly.

Q. How long does it take to get a report after an investigation ?

It will take 3 to 4 days after the investigation. It could be earlier or later depending on the length of investigation and the contents.

Q. What can you do after an investigation ?

We give you advice based on the result of an investigation and introduce lawyers and counselors. We warmly support you until your problems are solved.

5, Contact us

Thank you for visiting our site.
Please call or send E-mails and contact us about investigations, cost and other things you want to know. You don’t have to hesitate because we never send you E-mails for sales promotion and definitely keep your information confidential. We reply within 3 business days.
Please contact us about Investigations, Cost and Other things you want to know.

# An example

I think my husband has an affair with someone because something is wrong with his
I’m planning to identify the person and ask for consolation money.
What should I do ?

Suddenly, my son went missing.
He never answers my phone calls and I don’t know where he is at all.
Would you search for my son ?
I think there is a bugging device in my house.
Should I tell it to police? Could you get rid of it ?

Please ask us anything !
Our counseling experts respond to all your inquiries.
First of all, contact us. We will solve your Problem.

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